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How to have a healthy and happy dog or puppy

As a professional pet sitter and dog walker, it is important for me to keep in mind what makes your pets happy. This short post is about how to keep dogs happy. Most of this will seem like common sense hopefully, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of how to have a happy and healthy dog.

Survival basics:

Four essentials that dogs need to survive:

1. Food- scavenging for scraps or living off human food is unhealthy. It is important to feed your pets the right kind of food as well as the correct amount. Overfeeding dogs is very common, especially when you add treats. It is important that your pet maintains a healthy weight. If you are unsure about what you should be feeding your dog or puppy and how much, you should discuss this with your vet.

2. Water- Constant access to fresh, clean drinking water is a must. I always tell my clients to ensure pets have more than one source of water, especially when you are away. A bowl of water is easily knocked over, leaving your dog without any water for several hours which could potentially be fatal.

3. Exercise- Puppies and dogs need regular walks and activity to keep them physically healthy and stimulated. If you work long hours or are unable to walk your dogs, contact me to discuss my dog walking services.

4. Shelter- Escape from the cold and refuge from the heat are essential. With our really hot summers here in Queensland, your dog should have access to a sheltered and ventilated area. A little paddle pool always comes in handy as well as it helps cool them down and provides an extra source of water!

Happiness Essentials

As well as the basics for survival, dogs need some extra commitments from their owners in order to be happy. These include:

Companionship –dogs are naturally pack animals, but when they don’t have access to a pack they will substitute their human/s or other family pets.

Socializing –behaving well with other dogs and people is essential to prevent a dog becoming anxious, aggressive and isolated. This should be done from when your dog is a puppy. Contact your vet for information on puppy schools.

Training –Basic training will make everyone’s life much easier. A well-trained dog can be taken anywhere and will be confident and happy.

Grooming – Some breeds are high maintenance and require more grooming than others (kind of like us humans 😊). All dogs will benefit from being brushed and occasionally bathed because no one likes a smelly dog.

Routine – Dogs appreciate going out for walks and being fed at set times. This becomes even more important when they enter senior years. As your pet sitter and dog walker, I always try to keep your pets on their normal routine as much as possible.

Veterinary Care – Regular preventive and reactive health care will ensure that a dog has a long and healthy life. If you prefer to have a vet come to your home you can contact Dr. Marian Leow from Vet around the Corner.

These were some basic tips to keep your puppies and dogs healthy and happy. I hope to share more detailed tips with you in future blog posts.

If you would like to book a professional pet sitter and dog walker, check out my website and contact me to discuss your options.

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