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Coronavirus and your pets

Health officials say that dogs and cats are not likely to contract Covid-19. This is welcome news as many of us find comfort in our pets’ company. It is important to practice good hygiene as usual when handling your pets.

Precious Paws Dog Walking & Pet Sitting always practice good hygiene when caring for your pets. I wash my hands whenever I have access to soap and water and use hand sanitizer in between each visit. Rest assured, your health and your pets are my highest priority. We are in this together and I am looking forward to all of us being able to travel again in the near future.

What if my pet gets sick?

Veterinary services have been approved as essential services in Australia, which means, they will not be forced to close. Many vet surgeries have implemented new rules on how they are managing their appointments and you should contact them prior taking your pet to the vet. There are also mobile vet services that will come to you if you prefer to not leave your home or are unable to.

Dogs need exercise

Dog parks are closed and new rules are coming out every other day at the moment. If you are sick, stay home. Dogs still require exercise and should be walked on a regular basis. If you are unable to walk your dog, please contact me to discuss your options as I am offering dog walking services at the time of writing this article. If you are working long hours and need someone to drop in to keep your pets company or feed them, let me know as I am also offering pet sitting services.

Adapting to new rules during Covid-19 pandemic

Many of us are struggling with the imposed isolation rules, making us change our routines, the way we do things, the way we socialize with family and friends. Unfortunately, this is the reality we live in and must abide by the rules to keep ourselves safe and others as well. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can help reduce loneliness, depression and anxiety. If you want to adopt a pet, please contact your local animal rescue to see if they are open for adoptions. Please keep in mind that having a pet is a long-term commitment, usually up to 15 years or longer for a cat or dog and there are several costs associated with having a pet. If you do not want a long-term commitment to having a pet, there are other options. If you know someone who is a healthcare worker and is working longer hours than usual, perhaps you can care for their pet in your home for a while. If you have a family member who is willing to “lend” you one of their pets, that can be convenient as well. Another option would be fostering, you can temporarily foster a pet in your home, once again, contact your local animal rescue agency to discuss your options.

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