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Dogs inside or Out?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Should your Dog be Inside or Out?

Dogs, inside or out? This is a tough question. Some people believe dogs belong outside, while others keep their dogs indoors. The majority allow dogs inside the house when supervised but leave them outside when unsupervised.

Some things to consider:

Your dog will be unhappy if he is unable to shelter from the elements, whether rain, wind and cold or excessive heat. A dog left in a yard with no access to a cool area he can retreat to may suffer from heatstroke and dehydration, both of which can be fatal.

Many owners consider working dog breeds to be happier outside. These dogs must be able to retreat to a proper outdoor kennel, shed or some other shelter that is dry and clean.

Some busy owners find it convenient to leave their dogs outdoors while they are at work. If you are planning to introduce this regime to your dog, do it gradually and make it a fun and interesting place to be. Give him plenty of toys, hide treats for him to search during the day. Ensure there is lots of water available for your pups and you can add a shallow paddle pool for them to cool down in the summer.

If you leave your dogs inside, ensure they have enough toys to keep them busy and perhaps restrict them to certain parts of the house. You can use baby safety gates to achieve this. Many dogs enjoy the sound of music playing. Leaving a radio on during the day can be very calming while an owner is absent. I personally like to leave SBS Chill on from the TV.

Puppy Playpens

An indoor kennel or dog crate can help to give your pet a feeling of security, and also has the advantage of being portable so it can be taken with you if you travel to see friends. It can be particularly useful for a young puppy that needs constant supervision. A design structured from wire mesh panels will make an excellent puppy playpen that collapses down for easy storage when not in use.

Accustom your puppy to his “den” early on, but don’t leave him in there for several hours at a time. Your puppy or adult dog may be quite happy sleeping in the crate overnight, provided he has access to water and can lie on a comfortable bed or blanket.

Studies show that the hectic pace of modern life affects dogs as well as people. In a study of dog owners, half of those surveyed described their lives as stressful and believed this made their pets anxious.

Behaviourists believe that dogs with busy working owners spend too much time alone, which can result in behaviour problems.

If you can, hire a pet sitter to come during the day to visit your dog or puppy and provide playtime or a short walk. This will break up the day for them and discourage destructive behaviour.

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